JDR Cables powers ahead with contracts

JDR's North Sea sales director Carl Pilmer. Photo by Ross Johnston / Newsline Scotland
JDR's North Sea sales director Carl Pilmer. Photo by Ross Johnston / Newsline Scotland

A HARTLEPOOL firm has revealed how it is picking up key deals on two fronts - and there could be a lot more to come.

JDR Cables has regularly hit the headlines for the way it has clinched significant contracts in the wind energy sector.

But the firm, which has an award-winning plant in Greenland Road in Hartlepool, also serves the oil and gas industry and is doing just as well in that area. Further successes may not be far away and that could mean both jobs and expansion of the base in Hartlepool.

Carl Pilmer, the umbilical sales director for JDR, said: “These are exciting times in the industry. It could well mean jobs growth and expansion of the site even further.”

Mr Pilmer said there was “opportunity to grow into another production range”. That range, he said, was for very small umbilical cables.

A new product range for JDR was steel tubes which are used in something like 60 per cent of the oil and gas markets around the world.

Mr Pilmer added: “In the past, we have been precluded from that because we have not provided steel tube umbilicals but it opens up a lot more doors and a lot more growth opportunity.”

JDR has markets in Brazil, West Africa and a big option for North Sea trade. Its focus is on the niche umbilical trade and the Brazil trade is now coming to the Hartlepool plant.

Mr Pilmer said next year would be one of the busiest for JDR, and he added: “Our drive is to maintain that for 2015 and 2016.”

Among the latest deals is the design and manufacture of a hybrid power steel umbilical for the Ravn oil and gas field development in the North Sea.

Mr Pilmer added: “We are extremely proud to be working with Wintershall on this Ravn project. We have a long history of umbilical and cable delivery to North Sea developments. This project is yet another testament to JDR’s design and manufacture expertise.”