Jessica’s hopes for R@W-ing success

Jessica Doyle has started a business called R@W Products.
Jessica Doyle has started a business called R@W Products.

IT all started when she grew tired of supermarket produce.

Now Hartlepool woman Jessica Doyle has done something about it and come up with her fresh food alternative for online shoppers who live in the town.

The 35-year-old from Wynyard has formed a company called R@W Produce. It is based at the Hartlepool Enterprise Centre in Brougham Terrace.

The company is based on a website which offers people the chance to buy quality produce from butchers and grocers through her firm, which will then have it delivered to their door.

Mum-of-one Jessica was born in London, grew up in Norfolk and lived in Leeds and York before moving to the Hartlepool area.

She has a three-year-old daughter Vesper and a partner Jason Wilson, 45, who works as a medical sales agent.

Jessica, who is still also working as an orthopaedics sales representative, said: “I have tried to stop shopping in supermarkets. The meat quality is not there and it is the same with the vegetables.

“When I moved to the North-East. I had my daughter. While I was on maternity leave, I had time to go to the butchers and grocers.

“But when I went back to work, I did not have time and went back to the supermarkets. The taste and the quality was different.”

But that’s when her idea for a business developed. She explained: “I went back to my butcher of choice and said ‘I have an idea. It is a website where people can shop for butchers meat and vegetables’.”

The scheme then took off with the support of Robinsons Butchers which is based in Wingate.

R@W Produce offers a delivery service and Jessica described it as “a one-stop shop for quality. Everything is sourced locally and within a 20-mile radius”.

Jessica’s aim is to eventually employ a driver for the deliveries which either she or her butcher supplier currently handles.

The Wynyard entrepreneur said she had enjoyed the process of putting together her business and added: “It seemed easy as I understood what I wanted to do. I got good feedback from people who told me ‘I don’t understand why this has not existed before’.

“I am getting there slowly with the business and the next step is getting people to know that I am up and running.”