Jobless figures continue to fall for Hartlepool and East Durham

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THE number of people in the dole queue in Hartlepool and the surrounding area has fallen once again.

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics shows that there were 3,045 people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in June, which is equivalent to 5.2 per cent of the population of the town.

The figure includes 2,004 men and 1,041 women out of work.

This is compared to May when calculations showed that there were 3,250 people on JSA, equating to 5.6 per cent of the population. In April there were 3,422 people claiming the benefit, totalling 5.9 per cent of working age town residents.

The last time Hartlepool recorded numbers the same as June’s 3,045-long dole queue was in December 2008.

But despite the tumbling figures, Hartlepool is still has the second highest number of jobless people, behind Middlesbrough, which boasts 4,937 claimants, equalling 5.5 per cent of its population.

The figures for Easington constituency also showed a more positive picture with 1,951 people out of work – 3.7 per cent of all residents.

This is compared to May’s statistics which showed that 4.1 per cent of its population was jobless, totalling 2,163 claimants.

The Stockton North constituency, which takes in Billingham and Wolviston, recorded figures of 2,869 for June and 4.9 per cent of the population, compared to May’s 5.2 per cent and 3,046 claimants.

Sedgefield constituency also showed a fall in numbers, with 1,484 unemployed people, equating to 2.8 per cent of its residents. This is compared to 1,656 people and 3.2 per cent of its population in May.