Jobseeker won’t give up search

Sian Ringwood.
Sian Ringwood.

DEDICATED jobseeker Sian Ringwood has applied for jobs every week for the last three years without success.

But the 22-year-old refuses to let it get her down and knows what she has to do to finally land work.

“I will just keep applying,” she said.

“I hand in my CV absolutely everywhere, but it’s not getting me anywhere at the minute.

“But I will keep going.”

Sian, who lives in West View, Hartlepool, thought her hard work had paid off in October last year when she had a successful interview, took part in training and was offered a job in merchandising.

But just as she thought she was back on the employment ladder, the company collapsed and she was back looking for work.

“It’s just so difficult at the minute,” added Sian.

“I am literally applying for anything I see, but everyone else has the same idea and there are so many people going for every single job.”

To improve her chances Sian has recently completed a level one course in health and social care, thanks to the help of Triage.

The organisation, based at Maritime House, in Hartlepool, works alongside jobseekers and employers, offering training and mentorship to help young people into long-term employment. Lucy Fox, performance manager at Triage, describes Sian as “bright, bubbly and keen”.

“She’s fantastic to have around the office and that will be the same for an employer,” she said.

“She’s keen to sign up for everything which could improve her chances of finding work and hopefully she will get her chance soon.”

Sian, who lives with her partner, Brian Coxon, 22, is a former student at Wellfield Community School, in Wingate.

After leaving school at 16, she decided against college and held down a number of roles in merchandising, canvassing and working in takeaways.

But those opportunities all dried up and she has been looking for work for three years.

Sian, who says her dream job would be to work in a care home, added: “I just hate being on the dole.

“My days just consist of applying for jobs, but not really getting anywhere with them.

“I just want to have a purpose again.”