King Oswy pub to make way for new housing

King Oswy pub in King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool.
King Oswy pub in King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool.

A former Hartlepool pub is set to make way for new housing.

The King Oswy pub, on King Oswy Drive, is set to be demolished and 12 semi-detached homes built in its place.

Developer Heritage Developments was granted outline planning permission for the scheme by Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning committee.

The authority has agreed to waive a contribution of £27,495 the developer was expected to make to boost local primary school places after it heard the payment would make the scheme unviable.

Instead it accepted an offer of £3,000 towards play facilities and or education.

Papers considered by councillors stated: “The benefits of the proposal include it assisting in clearing a derelict building that is unsightly and that it would provided much needed homes in a sustainable location.”

Four local residents wrote to the council to object against the development.

They raised concerns including fears that the extra traffic would add to the safety risk for road users and pedestrians. The site is on a bend and is next to St John Vianney Primary School.

The council’s traffic and transport section said that school time parking is currently a hazard in the area but said they had no objections if the developer funds parking restrictions.

The King Oswy pub was built in around 1950 to serve the newly built West View estate but closed around the millennium.

A report by agents for the developer, GAP Design, stated: “The public house has been closed for approximately five years and is suffering from repeated vandal attacks.”