Love is in the hair at salon

Anouk Ban Giessen (left) with Ruth Wilson
Anouk Ban Giessen (left) with Ruth Wilson

hair salon staff have proved to be true romantics.

Ruth Wilson and Anouk Ban Giessen came to the North-East because it’s where their partners hail from.

But by coincidence they both arrived in Hartlepool where Anouk has joined the staff at the Rouge Hair Design salon, in Oxford Road, which is run by Ruth.

Ruth, 41, is celebrated her first anniversary of running the salon. She first met husband Brian, 42, when he was serving in Northern Ireland, which is her homeland.

They lived in Germany for 19 years where Brian was a warrant officer in the adjutant general corps with the British Army.

While in Germany, Ruth ran a hairdressing salon and was keen to do the same on her return to Britain.

They moved back to the North- East in 2008 and Ruth, who is mum to Jake, 19, and Mica, 16, chose Hartlepool for her business venture because she loved the place. She said: “It is going really well but it has been hard work.”

Her staff team has expanded from an original two workers to five.

Anouk, 30, arrived in Hartlepool in January. She lived in the Schiphol area of her native Holland and worked as a hairdresser when her partner, who has asked not to be named, came in as a customer.

Love eventually blossomed and, when he returned to his Hartlepool homeland, Anouk joined him.

“I did it for love,” she admitted, “and then when I went to the Job Centre, I saw something about Ruth and it made me really happy.”

“I like Hartlepool. I am really enjoying it. It is nice to have colleagues and customers to work with.”