Major move for housebuilding firm

David Mullins outside Tranquility House
David Mullins outside Tranquility House

ONE of Hartlepool’s best known firms is building a “bright new future” after taking over an empty call centre, the Mail can reveal.

Housebuilding company Yuill Homes will today quit its base of more than 40 years at Cecil House in Loyalty Road.

On Monday, staff will start work at Tranquility House which used to be the home of Garlands Call Centre at Hartlepool Marina.

The move was hailed as “the start of a bright new era”.

Yuill Homes has taken over all four floors of the 14,700 sq ft Tranquility House which it is renting.

Managing director David Mullins said: “It’s an exciting time. It is the end of an old era for this company and the start of a bright new one.

“Cecil House had come to the end of its material life. It is in the wrong place and we have outgrown our welcome. This move is good for the staff and good for morale.

“The staff are totally looking forward to a new start in a superb location.”

In a major boost for Hartlepool, Mr Mullins said: “We had looked at various places for a move but we wanted to stay in Hartlepool and that was an important part of our decision.

“This town serves us very well. It is good for the business, good for our staff and an excellent base. Most of our staff are from Hartlepool.

“We have been a Hartlepool company since our inception in 1927 and we want to remain that way. Hartlepool has always been our preferred choice.

“The staff are absolutely delighted. We are moving out of a tired-looking building and into a fresh, new one.”

The new life for Tranquility House comes 15 months after the Garlands business collapsed, with 621 people being laid off in Hartlepool.

The building was one of three which was operated by Garlands at Hartlepool Marina.

The official shift to the new building started today. By complete coincidence, it is three years today since Yuill Homes was taken over in a management buyout.

If the firm continues to flourish then there could be a jobs boost on the horizon.

Mr Mullins explained: “We will be actively looking to increase the staff numbers as the opportunities that we have come to fruition but that very much depends on us being successful in the market.”

The company, which also employs 34 site staff, has two development schemes planned in Hartlepool.

One will see its own old Cecil House headquarters make way for a housing development. Yuill Homes has planning permission for 25 properties including two-to-four bedroom houses as well as a bungalow for the disabled.

The other scheme will see 60 houses developed in the Brierton area.