MP hits out over ‘growing jobs crisis’

Town MP Iain Wright
Town MP Iain Wright

HARTLEPOOL MP Iain Wright angrily accused the government of being “out of touch” during a heated parliamentary debate.

Mr Wright, speaking at a Whitehall debate on unemployment in the North-East, was angered that no government minister was put forward to take part in any questions.

Mr Wright said: “On a day when figures showed that 8,000 more people are out of work, it is a damning indictment of this government that they wouldn’t send a minister to debate the growing jobs crisis in the North-East.

“Instead we were treated to the rather sad sight of North East Lib Dem MPs defending the indefensible.

“This government is completely out of touch with this region and their no-show demonstrates their lack of commitment to the North East.

“We urgently need a plan for jobs and growth and instead we have a government who prefer to run away and hide rather than justify their reckless economic policies.”

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