Mum and daughter’s recipe for success

Leaza and Tracey Cafferkey in Pappa Caff's
Leaza and Tracey Cafferkey in Pappa Caff's

A MOTHER and daughter have teamed up to launch their first business venture.

Tracey Cafferkey, 46, and her daughter Leaza Cafferkey, 22, have launched Pappa Caff’s, in Tower Street, Hartlepool.

Leaza said: “This is my dream come true.”

The cafe/bar opened a few weeks ago after the mum-and-daughter team took over the building after spending six months on renovations that started last November.

They now offer a delicatessen service with sandwiches and salads plus hot food, daily specials, bagels, paninis and breakfasts.

Tracey, who is also mum to Deanne, 24, said: “Leaza has always worked in this industry and this is something that I have always wanted to do as well.

“We thought ‘why not give it a go’ and I am glad I did as I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Tracey worked for Stockton Borough Council but decided on a complete change.

Leaza had various jobs including a dental nurse, air stewardess travelling round most of Europe and cafe work.

She explained how the dream of working with her mum grew.

“We found a shop in Tower Street and persuaded my dad Brendan Cafferkey to give us some money for it. That’s where the name of Pappa Caff’s came from.”

Customers include people from nearby colleges and council workers.

Leaza is already hoping to expand the business. She said: “We are going to open for breakfasts on a Sunday and hopefully grow from there.

“I was nervous about going into business for the first time.

“I have never done anything like this before but this is a dream come true for me and my mum is really enjoying it as well.”