Poll: Which shops do you think Hartlepool most needs?

Which shops would you most like to see open in Hartlepool?
Which shops would you most like to see open in Hartlepool?

The announcement that a new Lidl store is due to open in Hartlepool certainly got some of you talking.

Another branch of the discount supermarket is set to open before the end of the year at Tees Bay Retail Park - but in discussions on our Facebook page, many of you called for other shops to come to town instead. But which stores would you most like to see open in Hartlepool? Vote in our poll below.

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Here's how you reacted to the news on our Facebook page:

Gillian Slimings: "Why can’t we have new shops? Instead of more of what we already have?"

Rachel Cartwright: "A Lidl next to an Aldi?"

Allison McLean: "I'm all for competition they say it's healthy, but B&M now have a freezer department, then Aldi and Iceland and Home Bargains have freezer stuff ... surely that's too many. We need decent shops granted but how about some decent clothing stores."

Leanne Dodds: "So what's happening with all the empty units over the Marina?"

Laura Gibson: "Can we have clothes and other shops? How many freezer/food shops do we need in one place ? But I must say their fresh bread and cheese twists are lush."

Martin John: "What a waste of land!"

Garreth Waites: "Love the bakery there."

Tommy Miller: "Any big shop on Tees Bay is a bonus, but what's needed more down there is toilets and cash machines ,so get some put in please."

Cindy Stringer: "I think what we need on Tees Bay is a clothes shop for everyone and a Wilko store then I won’t have to go into our town centre."