Port chiefs set sail for even greener future

Staff at PD Ports celebrate their new environment award
Staff at PD Ports celebrate their new environment award

THE owners of Hartlepool’s dockland have revealed plans to become even more green.

PD Ports is planning to reduce carbon emissions by using energy and resources more efficiently.

The news comes after the company clinched an accreditation for its work on environmental management.

The port company has been awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certification, and is one of the first UK ports businesses to achieve this.

PD Ports sought guidance and advice from the international environmental consultancy ENVIRON who provided support throughout the process.

It drafted up procedures, carried out analysis, trained the PD Ports workforce and made sure the firm undertook legal evaluations.

Russ McCallion, PD Ports’ Human Resources Director, added: “For about 18 months we have been working hard on achieving formal accreditation for our Environmental System to ISO 14001 standards.

“This is an outstanding achievement for PD Ports, and huge credit goes to our team of environmental champions who have all done an excellent job in making this objective real and deliverable.

“This, of course, is only the start of our programme to achieve and maintain excellence in the management of our environmental obligations.”

ENVIRON manager Emma Goodchild said: “Our approach built on PD Ports’ earlier work in conservancy and its existing Health and Safety Management system.

“It focused on empowering staff to successfully implement the EMS within their areas of responsibility.”

She said the new accreditation meant PD Ports now had “an extremely strong and capable team of environmental champions”

Mr McCallion added: “Now that the ISO 14001 certification has been achieved, the plan is to move towards achieving cost savings and reducing carbon emissions through better energy and resource efficiency.”