Problems with landfill sites are diverted

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A company is going green to help the region solve its unwanted mattress headache.

Divert More, which operates from a factory at Oakesway, Hartlepool, handles mattresses and carpets for 12 North-East local authorities after teaming up with waste disposal experts Blackwater Ltd.

Their joint effort means huge numbers of unwanted products are being diverted away from landfill sites.

Divert More recycles mattresses and has a potential client base which includes waste management companies, mattress manufacturers and retailers.

Mattresses take more than 10 years to decompose, which is a major problem for landfill. Once a mattress reaches the end of its useful life there is little choice in many parts of the country but to send it to landfill.

But the Divert More factory has come up with solutions. A mattress can be made up of up to 18 individual materials, and experts at Divert More have identified environmentally-friendly routes of disposal for these recovered materials.

Morpeth-based Blackwater saves 6,000 tonnes of carpet a year from landfill through sources including councils and carpet manufacturers. The joint Divert More and Blackwater initiative will help councils from Richmond to Berwick by diverting more mattresses for recycling.

Matthew Stephenson, who founded Divert More in 2009 with two associates, said: “Working with Blackwater shows our commitment to landfill avoidance.

“It meets our green criteria, makes sound business sense and is an important addition to the offerings of the North-East’s commercial sector”.

Jim Douglas, co-founder of Blackwater, said: “We were founded two years ago and we are committed to landfill avoidance in the same way Divert More are.”

He said two “major problem areas” of mattresses and carpets would be tackled by teaming up, meaning lower costs and collection problems for the two companies’ client bases.