Readers’ fury over Hartlepool Council buying Jacksons Landing

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HARTLEPOOL Borough Council plans to buy a derelict retail unit for a seven figure sum have caused a stir amongst Mail readers.

Councillors have backed plans to secure Jacksons Landing, at Hartlepool Marina, which has been empty since July 2004 in order to secure the site to be redeveloped.

The confidential price is understood to be seven figures but lower than the rumoured £2m price. It is expected to be funded by a loan with officers confident of securing an interest free two-year “Growing Places” loan.

Finance and policy committee members gave officers the green light to buy the five-acre site – subject to full council approval – instead of withdrawing its interest and relying on the owner to market the site.

No “specific” use has been identified but officers said securing it would prevent “external predators” from buying the land from owner Schroders without developing it.

Mail readers took to our Facebook page and website to have their say.

On our website, bruno65 wrote: “Can someone remind the senior council members they are there to provide services to the town not be property developers. The reason it has stood empty is because it is not viable.”

Prole said: “Maybe they have got a nice surprise for us and they are going to build a new super hospital on the site with all facilities hahahahahaha.”

WalkensKrisps wrote: “It may be a very long wait for HBC to turn a profit on this land when they come to sell it.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Karen Martin wrote: “Would make an ideal spot for an aquarium - something to bring more business into the town.”

Paul Nichols said: “Just goes to show typical council, using taxpayers money again, would love to know who makes these decisions.”

Kathleen Foster added: “It doesn’t surprise me, the money would be better spent on cleaning the town up.”

Meanwhile, Allison McLean wrote: “When we are supposed to be cutting back they spend a 7-figure sum on a building that will need more money spending on it. Who is going to pay for that and who is going to pay the interest on that loan.”

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