Show caution over wills

Carolyn Tilly
Carolyn Tilly

THE tricky business of writing a will has led to a Hartlepool firm issuing caution to the public.

More and more people are taking the option of trying to write out a will themselves.

Others are using companies which provide unregulated services, says Carolyn Tilly, a partner with Hartlepool firm Tilly Bailey and Irvine (TBI) Solicitors and specialist in Wills and Probate.

She said: “Increasingly people who have taken the DIY option or worked with a will writer rather than a solicitor, are seeking our advice to rectify mistakes.

“Deciding who you leave your estate to after your death might appear straightforward. However, a mistake could mean that your wishes are superseded and that your estate does not benefit those you intended.”

She highlighted how Adam Sampson, the Chief Ombudsman for England and Wales, had called for action to be taken to ensure consumers were not left vulnerable by unregulated services, with no means of redress if anything goes wrong.

Tilly Bailey and Irvine say the two most common errors they are asked to rectify are wills that have not dealt with all the assets creating a partial intestacy, and wills that have not been executed or witnessed correctly.

Mrs Tilly added: “When dealing with wills or probate, clients often find solicitors to be the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

“Before making your decision about how to proceed, we would recommend that you contact your local solicitor and request a quote.”