Stage is set for theatre success

Daniel Brobbel (left) with Ian Rigby
Daniel Brobbel (left) with Ian Rigby

TWO men have given up a career in the stage industry to begin their own behind-the-scenes company.

The link-up has started between Hartlepool man Daniel Brobbel and Ian Rigby, who hails from Richmond in North Yorkshire.

They knew each other from their jobs at Darlington Civic Theatre and Arts Centre and decided to go-it-alone.

Now they have started Artistic Solutions using the money they pooled from each of their redundancy packages.

Daniel said: “This is a re-invention of the business I used to have. I was involved in dance school-type groups.

“If they had a requirement for pyrotechnics, sound or lighting, I would be there.

“Ian and I have joined forces and created the new company called Artistic Solutions Ltd. We both worked together at Darlington Civic Theatre and Arts Centre. We did that for 12 years and in the last year, we both took redundancy.

“We have used it as a catalyst to support our new business base.”

The pair plan to work with sectors such as schools and education, “We do sounds and lights and we are trying to take these skills out,” said Ian.

“Our customer base is the private sector, the public sector and education. The equipment we have invested in is across every possible spectrum.”

The pair believe they can provide a service for any sector from museums to galleries and arts centres to theatres.

“If a school says to us that they want to put on a performance then generally speaking, schools don’t have the skill ,” said Daniel.

Ian added: “We can advise them on lighting and even design the lighting for them.

“We can make something that is almost conceptual for them and transform it in to a fully blown show.”

Daniel said he believed the company had “filled a hole in the market”.