State-of-the-art boost for Hartlepool business

MEET THE TEAM: Peter Whitley (centre) with the Stadium iEMS management team. Photography by Dave Charnley Photography Ltd
MEET THE TEAM: Peter Whitley (centre) with the Stadium iEMS management team. Photography by Dave Charnley Photography Ltd

A SPECIALIST Hartlepool company has made a significant investment in state-of-the-art machinery as it continues to grow.

The Stadium Group, based in Brenda Road, has bolstered its manufacturing capabilities with a new leading edge surface mount (SMT) assembly line.

Surface-mount technology is where electronic circuits are produced by putting the components directly onto the circuit boards.

Stadium’s hi-tech plant provides electronic technologies to the industrial, marine, aviation, transport infrastructure, lighting, medical, automotive, and communication sectors. Its area of expertise is called integrated electronic manufacturing services (iEMS).

No precise details can be given on the amount of money which Stadium has spent on the investment but bosses say it has helped Stadium to strengthen its position.

The new general manager Peter Whitley said: “The addition of the new SMT line has increased capacity, significantly improved flexibility and efficiency, and future proofed our EMS capabilities through this enhanced technology.”

But the investment is already paying off, said Mr Whitley.

“Within just three weeks of installation we secured a new customer who had been unable to produce the larger boards themselves and had previously been unsuccessful in sourcing a suitable UK EMS partner,” he added.

Stadium has also installed other new equipment at both the Hartlepool and Dongguan site in China to “fully meet the requirements of customers operating in challenging environments”.

That new equipment includes robotics which do conformal coating (a material that is applied to electronic circuitry).

Mr Whitley said the robots “allow us to accurately coat individual components for customers to protect from contamination and moisture, improving long-term reliability”.

He said Stadium can also clean printed circuit board if clients need that to be done to meet industry regulations.

“We can now do that before coating the components with a layer of protection,” he said.

Mr Whitley joined Stadium iEMS as general manager in December with more than 20 years’ experience in the global electronic manufacturing services market.