Team offering support from the specialists

The team
The team

A HARTLEPOOL firm has launched a new department to handle the growing trend for small and medium-sized businesses to outsource all financial management.

Hartlepool-based Waltons Clark Whitehill – an accountancy and business advisory firm – has announced its Business Support and Development Department, led by partner Chris Davey and consultant Brian Beaumont.

The team will support clients’ ongoing business development as well as catering for those wanting to delegate activity such as payroll management and debt chasing to external experts.

Chris said: “We are seeing a growing trend for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to want to focus on their own areas of expertise, rather than have to worry about financial management.

“Business managers are looking to us to offer a whole range of services, from payroll and debt chasing to advising on business development, finance and fundraising, grant submissions and liaising with organisations such as Local Enterprise Partnerships.

“All of these are services we have offered to clients in the past.

“But now we are bringing them together in one team which already has the expertise, to give a broader support structure to clients.”

The team already includes David Wilson, Carol Dowson, Niki Cotson and Chris Hunter, members of the Waltons Clark Whitehill team who have experience of working with clients on the key areas covered by the new department.