The pick of Strawberry’s crop ... at 2001 prices

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A FORMER downhill cyclist is celebrating 10 years in the business he set up after his success in the sport.

Marcy Rochester, 40, was a downhill cycling racer for two years and always finished in highly respectable positions before swapping the sport to set up a cycle shop in Peterlee.

His racing career ended 13 years ago when his bike snapped and, although Marcy was unhurt, he could not afford a replacement.

In other races he’d suffered everything from broken ribs to a broken leg.

Marcy moved into business in his home town after the accident and his firm, Strawberry Cycles, has celebrated 10 years’ trading.

Marcy is marking the milestone by holding an open day on Saturday with prices at 2001 levels.

Cycling enthusiasts will be able to watch expert demonstrations on bike maintenance and repair and test drive the latest models.

Marcy said he set up his shop in Peterlee after becoming frustrated at the lack of cycling stores in the area.

He first opened a small shop in the town, before moving to Davy Drive.

Marcy said: “I was sick of travelling all the time when my bikes needed repairing and I saw a gap in the market.

“I hope to be able to keep expanding my product range and build my reputation as the premier bike shop in the North-East.

“I want to create a warm atmosphere in the store and a place where people enjoy coming to – whether that’s to test the newest models or get expert advice and support in terms of repairs, maintenance and upgrades.”

All staff at Strawberry Cycles are encouraged to ride every type of bike they sell to ensure they have a true understanding of which models best suit individual customers.

Strawberry Cycles is planning on expanding its workforce with the addition of several new sales staff over the next year.