They’re a girl’s new best friend

REBECCA Charalambous wears a typical example of the silver jewellery her company designs
REBECCA Charalambous wears a typical example of the silver jewellery her company designs

AN entrepreneur from Hartlepool has unearthed a new arm to her business - thanks to divorced women.

Rebecca Charalambous, 39, runs a company called Sadie Hart which specialises in providing luxury goods and branded specialist gifts.

She lives in the Highgate area of London but was born at Cameron’s Hospital, in Hartlepool, and raised in the town.

Her product range covers silver, candles, homeware and stationery, but it is the silver line which is proving to be intriguing.

One aspect of it has taken off and that’s newly divorced women who bring in their wedding, engagement and eternity rings to be restyled into a new piece of jewellery.

Mum-of-two Rebecca said: “This is a part of the business that has really grown. I did not think it would be so popular. I think it is a brilliant idea. That piece of jewellery is a symbolic statement that says ‘I have turned my life around and I have a fresh start’.

“If anyone has been divorced, they are not going to be wearing the ring any more and they often say there is no reason for them to give it back.

“Instead of it sitting in a jewellery box, it is an obvious solution to keep the stones and turn the metal into a new piece of bespoke jewellery.”

Rebecca said the idea came from a customer who came in with her rings and asked for them to be re-designed. Rebecca commented on it on her Facebook site and got so many likes, she offered the service within her business.

Now, divorced women from all over the UK are coming to her to ask for rings to be redesigned as pendants, new rings and bracelets.

Rebecca left Hartlepool at 18 when she went to the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

Sadie Hart is doing so well, Rebecca is thinking about expanding to promote her products internationally.