They’re hair to stay in Arches salon

Dale Stephenson.
Dale Stephenson.

IT was complete coincidence that they ended up in the same unit.

But fledgling entrepreneurs Kate Nicholson, 21, and Dale Stephenson, 32, are getting on like a house on fire ever since they solved their search for a business unit – by each setting up in the same one.

Kate Nicholson

Kate Nicholson

Now Kate is running The Little Barber Shop in the same place that Dale runs Hair by Dale Stephenson in a smart unit within The Arches in Park Road, Hartlepool.

Both are sole traders and both own half a lease on the unit which, each unbeknown to the other, they were both showing interest in at the same time when they begin their journey into industry.

Kate said: “One of my friends owns another one of the units and suggested that I should go into business for myself.

“I went to have a look at the unit and I found out someone else was interested as well.”

She and Dale met and Kate commented that it would be a shame if they couldn’t share.

Now, they are under way as traders with Kate doing men’s barbering and Dale doing hairdressing.

Kate, a former student of Kingsley, Fens and Manor schools, in Hartlepool, previously worked self-employed in barbering at the Fens Shops.

She said her aim was: “To be really busy and to grow the business.”

Dale said: “We just want to provide nice hair for the people of Hartlepool. We want to provide quality hairdressing services.”

Dale’s expertise in the trade comes from his 16 years of training with Toni and Guy. He has worked in Birmingham and London as well as working as a teacher at a specialist academy in Middlesbrough.

“I have done everything as a hairdresser and this was the next step,” he said.