Threesy does it for town interiors firms

Trevor Bruce and Tony Halliman pictured in their York Road business.
Trevor Bruce and Tony Halliman pictured in their York Road business.

THREE well-established Hartlepool firms have joined forces under one roof - and there could be more developments on the way.

Wallpaper specialists Les Payne, Woodstock Carpets and curtains and accessories firm Regency Interiors are now operating from York Road. And even though they go under the limited company name of PRW Interiors Ltd, they are continuing to trade as separate businesses.

Trevor Bruce runs Woodstock Carpets which was formerly based in Elwick Road and has joined forces with Tony Halliman of Regency Interiors to operate the whole new concern. Trevor said: “We have gone into this as a going concern and everyone we have spoken to has said it is a fantastic idea.

“We have started a new limited company but we want to be known as Les Paynes Interiors.”

Les Payne was set up as a family business around 60 years ago and, upon Les’s retirement, was taken over by his son Alan and wife Joan.

Alan has now retired although Joan is continuing on a part-time basis.

Trevor said: “I have known Tony for quite some time and we were talking about how, if anything came along, we would love to have something like a departmental store.

“Everything is in there. It is a new venture for Tony and myself and it is quite a large shop.”

Plans for the future could include expanding the business even further.

Tony has a shop next door to the premises and the new business partners are considering whether to “knock through” in the future.

Tony said: “We have got the opportunity to do that if we find that the business is doing well enough. There is room for expansion. We could go down that road but that would be this time next year at the earliest.”

He said the new joint venture was “a lot more responsibility.”

Tony said there was extra decisions to make especially now that they had responsibility for the wallpaper side of things.

“When you are selling carpets or doing curtains you get the samples in but with wallpapers, you have to buy it. It is getting there though.”