Transport firm goes green on energy

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A transport firm predicts its drive to become more energy efficient will soon be delivering significant benefits.

Billingham-based Nicholson’s Transport has started green efficiency projects to reduce emissions and bring in extra revenue.

Company head of development Keisha Cox said: “For years we have had the message that all businesses need to be more energy efficient.

“So rather than pay lip service to that, we have put in place a series of measures that will make us more green. If we can encourage our customers and other businesses to do likewise, all the better.”

The company has bought a compacting machine which bails waste packaging such as cardboard and shrink-wrap and is then sold on to waste re-processors. It is also recycling wooden pallets coming through its warehouse and passing these back to customers free of charge.

Older and worn tyres from its fleet are recycled. An e-invoicing and customer record system has been introduced to reduce paper use. Electronic invoicing has already saved Nicholson’s at least one ream of paper per day.

Nicholson’s has also rolled out its Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) programme to improve fuel economy and reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet of 10 vehicles.

Keisha added: “We expect that by the end of the year there will be clear financial benefits and have targeted a reduction in fuel bills of five per cent, which equates to £17,000 based on £340,000 expected fuel usage this financial year. The revenues from the waste recycling will be re-invested into the business to improve our services.”

Managing director David Nicholson said: “For so many years, there was a culture – particularly in this industry - to just send all waste to landfill. We know this is inefficient as the vast majority can be recycled.”