Zoe spots a gap in Market

Zoe Angus
Zoe Angus

A SECOND innovative fledgling entrepreneur has opened up in a shopping centre.

The Mail told recently how Patricia Purvis, 29, refused to let her diagnosis with MS at 21 get her down.

Now she is running her own floristry firm called Floral Whispers, in the Indoor Market Hall of the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, in Hartlepool.

The shopping centre has also enjoyed another new arrival to attract shoppers through the doors in the shape of a new women’s clothes store.

Curve Clothing, owned by Zoe Angus, has also started trading within the Market Hall.

Zoe identified a need for fashionable clothing for women with larger figures.

She specialises in the latest styles and accessories for women with sizes from 14 to 32.

She said: “I am really delighted with the response from customers who tell me that it is great to be able to find clothing for larger sizes that are current trends and affordable prices.

“My idea behind the shop was to cater for this market as there is such a limited choice of clothing generally available for fuller figures.”

She added: “People travel from quite a distance to visit the shop and we have even had enquiries from abroad.”

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft said: “We are delighted that both Curve Clothing and Floral Whispers are proving such a success with shoppers.

“Both stores have identified niche markets and are innovative in the products they sell.

“Starting a business in the Market Hall is an excellent way to begin trading.

“There are a number of incentives available from the local authority to assist with small business relief, and Middleton Grange Shopping Centre offers excellent rates for business owners.”