By George, I was here first! Hartlepool youngster is named George Alexander Lewis

George Lewis mum Sara and dad Daniel Skidmore
George Lewis mum Sara and dad Daniel Skidmore

EVERYONE is talking about Prince George Alexander Louis after last week’s momentous Royal birth.

But a Hartlepool lad named George Alexander Lewis has had an eight-year head start in the name stakes after he was given almost exactly the same one.

It is almost as if the town youngster has been given the royal seal of approval.

Mum Sara Lewis, 26, was shocked but delighted when William and Kate announced the name of their new-born son to the world last week.

She said: “Loads of people have sent me messages on Facebook and said he’s got your son’s name.

“I didn’t believe them at first until I got home from work and saw it on the news.

“He thinks he’s Royalty now!”

Sara and partner Daniel Skidmore, 27, of the Oxford Road area of town, chose the names of their great-grandfathers when they named George, who is their only child.

George was the name of Sara’s ancestor and Alexander came from welder Daniel’s great-granddad.

Sara, who works as a theatre support worker at the University Hospital of North Tees, said: “I just like old-fashioned names.

“We didn’t want anything that loads of other children had at the same time. We wanted something with a bit more meaning to it.

“I obviously think Kate and William have made a good choice. It is a lovely old-fashioned name.”

And George, who goes to Kingsley Primary School, has been lapping up the extra attention he has been getting.

Sara added: “He is over the moon with it. Whenever he tells anyone his name everyone now says ‘that’s the new prince’s name.’”

George was a favourite name with the bookmakers for the royal baby and is a familiar name among British kings.

Louis is thought to be a nod to Prince Philip’s uncle Louis Mountbatten who was killed by the IRA in a bomb attack on his yacht. Alexander is also close to Alexandra, the Queen’s first middle name, while Queen Victoria’s real first name was Alexandrina.