Cafe launches 'duffin' to please muffin and doughnut fans


Meet the "duffin."

A cafe chain is launching a new snack which aims to combine the best elements of two popular treats.

Muffin Break, which has branches in Washington, Durham, Gateshead and Middlesbrough, said the duffin is an "adventurous combination" of a doughnut and a muffin with a hazelnut spread and cocoa filling with a dusting of cinnamon on the outside.

The new snack will cost £2.20 when it goes on sale on Tuesday January 12. It is the first of a series of wacky snacks launching as part of the chain's "Muffin Lab".

Muffin Break marketing manager, Gemma Sandells comments: “This new mystery flavour range delivers on our promise to 'expect the unexpected'. Freshly baked goods have never tasted so contemporary. We hope that the new flavour offerings will keep adding variety and excitement for our customers, who we know are looking for new taste experiences and sensations.

“We believe that the Muffin Lab will make our customers rethink their muffin eating experience altogether! In addition, it will not only encourage customers to try something new, but also to be creative by putting forward their imaginative suggestions for future muffin creations. The best and most innovative of these will be entered into the Muffin Lab Hall of Fame.”