Call for 20mph limit on roads

Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way

CONCERNED councillors are calling for speed limits to be slashed on two major roads in a bid to boost safety.

Labour councillors Christopher Akers-Belcher, Trisha Lawton and Ann Marshall want to see the limit reduced to 20mph in Brierton Lane and Rossmere Way, in Hartlepool.

It comes after concerns from residents about the number of speeding motorists flouting the 30mph limit.

A public meeting will be held next week to give residents the chance to have their say.

It is part of a wider programme by Hartlepool Borough Council that could see 20mph speed limits in residential areas across town.

A town-wide public consultation is open until Friday, July 29.

Coun Marshall said: “The problem with speeding motorists in these areas has been ongoing since 2004.

“We have had a lot of complaints from residents over the years and there have been petitions for the limit to be reduced in Brierton Lane too.

“One resident has had their wall knocked down four times in 20 years and that is obviously four times too many.

“These people need to realise that speed can kill.

“As part of the council’s ‘20’s Plenty’ programme we have called for Rossmere Way and Brierton Lane to be included.

“The public meeting will give residents the chance to have their say and we will see what comes out of it.”

The meeting is due to be held on Friday, July 15 at 3.30pm in the Rossmere Youth Centre, in Rossmere Way.

It follows a recent investigation by the council’s neighbourhood services scrutiny forum which backed the idea and recommended town-wide consultation.

The programme, known as ‘20’s Plenty’, has been used in a number of towns and cities across the country to improve road safety and is focused on changing behaviour rather than introducing physical traffic calming.

Main roads in the town would stay at their existing speed limits, but it is proposed that the majority of residential estates become 20mph zones.

A map with the proposed 20mph areas can be viewed at or at the civic centre, or the council offices at 1 Church Street.

At the end of the consultation period, all of the responses will be analysed and a further report will go before councillors.

For more information, telephone (01429) 523249 or email