Call for change in the donor system

Lacey with her Dad Andrew Brown
Lacey with her Dad Andrew Brown

A DETERMINED dad is calling for a change in the law on organ donation to save lives of people desperately waiting for a transplant.

It comes after Andrew Brown’s brave daughter Lacey-Toni overcame two life-saving operations before she celebrated her first birthday.

Lacey-Toni, now three, will almost certainly need a heart transplant in years to come and her father knows the sooner they can get help the better the chance she can live a healthy life.

Andrew, of Tyne Terrace, in Easington Colliery, said Spain has an “opt-out” system in place that has led to the nation having the most donors in the world.

Andrew, 38, said: “It is a great system and once you’re born you are made an organ donor. The way you have to think of it is, if your grandchild had a child and something went wrong, they could wait for years and years to get the needed operation.

“If this opt-out system was in place, there would be a lot more help readily available for the people in need.”

The current “opt-in” system of organ donation – where individuals are asked to register their willingness to be a donor after their death – has been the subject of debate for many years.

Andrew has been in touch with his local MP, Easington representative Grahame Morris, and hopes his daughter’s story will be heard in Parliament to push the cause, amid calls for a review of the law.

Andrew, who lives with partner Dawn, 36, and youngest daughter Laila, two, added: “We need to do something about it and make sure that we are helping everyone as much as possible in a way that is proven to bring success.”