'˜Call in the Pied Piper' to tackle rats

Reports of large numbers of vermin at a Hartlepool leisure park prompted a big response from Mail readers.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 5:00 am
The leisure park and railway line running alongside
The leisure park and railway line running alongside

Yesterday’s front page story about dozens of rats being sighted near KFC at The Lanyard in Hartlepool by a shocked customer sparked much discussion on our social media.

Sam Holroyd filmed the rats running around the car park areas and gathering around bins.

A spokesman for KFC - which has a top Food Hygiene Rating of five stars - said hey were coming from a nearby railway line and had not encroached into the restaurant.

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The firm sais it is in talks with the local authority to find a solution to the problem

A spokesman for Hartlepool Borough Council confirmed it had had a complaint about the rats.

He said: “We note the action currently being taken to address the issue and will continue to monitor the situation.”

Dozens of you commented on the situation on the Mail’s Facebook page.

Many said it is a widespread problem not unique to Hartlepool.

Others called for more action to be taken to try and eradicate numbers.

Nicola Calvert said on Facebook: “Looks like we may need The Pied Piper of Hartlepool to save the day.”

Kathleen Mathieson commented: “All dock areas have rats. We were in Scotland at a marina and you could watch the rats rushing across the road. “It was not as bad as this film so perhaps the vermin control people need to pay them a visit.

“If you shut down everywhere that had rats you would not be able to buy anything or go anywhere, they are there we just don’t usually see them.”

Kelly-Ann Crompton said: “Send in the terriers.”

And Angela Holroyd said: “Something needs sorting it’s not good passing the blame whoever needs to do it should fix it plain and simple!”

Nicola Willingham added: “To be fair everywhere has rats!

“It’s not as if these bins are inside the shop is it, wherever there is rubbish there is rats!”

Bevan Lloyd said: “All that area is reclaimed land. It used to be all dock land the rats were there then.”

Chris Marrison added: “To be fair what do you expect when it’s by the docks and there are massive bins outside full of wasted food and other rubbish?

“It’s not like they are inside.”

Murad Ahmed said: “As a restauranteur I totally understand rats can be found anywhere. The marina has its reputation for rats.”

Liam Hanson said: “I’m not surprised, rats are on this planet just like us.”