Call to step up homes protest

RESIDENTS on a Hartlepool estate are being urged to attend an important council meeting to show the strength of opposition to plans that could pave the way for nearly 2,000 new homes on their doorstep.

Land at Claxton, on the outskirts of town, has been earmarked for a potential 1,750 home development in a major new planning blueprint.

It is part of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Core Strategy blueprint, which will aid development decisions in the town up to 2024.

The council’s senior cabinet committee is due to discuss the strategy at its meeting on Monday, September 26, after receiving hundreds of responses to the last round of public consultation.

Fens Residents’ Association is encouraging residents to attend the meeting to show the strength of feeling over the housing plans.

Council planners reduced the number of possible homes at Claxton from 2,200 to 1,750 and included a green wedge between the development and the Fens after residents’ concerns.

But residents’ association chairman Robert Smith said the proposals are still “totally inappropriate” and questioned the number of houses the council says are needed.

He added: “It would represent a terrific over-supply in private houses in Hartlepool, particularly considering a lot of people just can’t get mortgages and so many houses are not selling.

“Building houses that are not needed to that number will just exacerbate the problem.”

The residents’ association also believes a large new development at Claxton would create major traffic problems in the area, particularly on Truro Drive and Catcote Road.

It also says the land has drainage problems.

Mr Smith said residents’ association members would attend the cabinet meeting at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

He added: “We eagerly await the latest directions.

“Hopefully they will be common sense ones which take notice of the responses.

“It is good for the powers that be to see the strength of public opinion and going to the meeting is a good demonstration of that.”