Calling all Junior Poolies

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YOUNG football fans have the chance to get closer to their favourite team than ever before.

Hartlepool United have launched the all-new Junior Poolies group for children in town.

When youngsters join they will receive a membership card, welcome pack, including a letter from Junior Poolies Captain “Pistol” Peter Hartley plus free entry to a series of events and discount on a range of different activities.

Other incentives include a scarf, water bottle and gym bag.

Pools defender Hartley said: “I am looking forward to getting involved with the Junior Poolies so I want as many of our young supporters to join up as possible.

“There’s going to be plenty going on for Junior Poolies – I wish there had been something like this around when I was a young fan cheering the lads on.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun throughout the season on and off the pitch so we want as many fans as possible to be part of this.”

It costs £15 to join the Junior Poolies for the full season.

There is also a number of competitions throughout the year to which youngsters will gain free entry plus opportunities to meet their favourite players.