Calls for appointment of seaside Tsar to boost coastal communities

A '˜Seaside Tsar' should be appointed to help Britain's forgotten coastal towns fight back from decades of decay, according to new research.

Monday, 11th July 2016, 6:00 am
Calls have been made for a seaside Tsar to be appointed.

The data, commissioned by the British Hospitality Association, paints a grim picture of the problems facing many coastal communities like Hartlepool.

The report says that people living in seaside towns are more likely to be poorly educated, unemployed, unemployable, lacking in ambition, claiming benefits and living in multiple occupation housing.

A separate survey, conducted by the owners of Butlin’s and the BHA, found that more than half of the British public have not visited the British seaside in the past three years, and 65% believe that the British seaside is run down and in need of investment.

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Nine out of the 10 most deprived neighbourhoods in England are seaside communities, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the BHA said: “We look forward to the appointment of a Seaside Tsar.

“Our members, who invest in and operate hospitality and tourism businesses recognise the problems facing many coastal communities but we also know there are fantastic opportunities to boost these places and help revive the Great British Seaside holiday.

The BHA report says that the collapse of shipbuilding and fishing, the decline of the traditional annual holiday by the seaside, growing drug use, and cutbacks in budgets affecting maintenance of public places, street cleaning, tourism promotion and the provision of education have all contributed to the situation.