Calls to help council snare fly-tippers

The rubbish behind Cameron Street
The rubbish behind Cameron Street

A SUCCESSFUL fly-tipping prosecution has prompted environmental enforcement officers to urge more people to act as their eyes and ears.

The appeal from officers at Hartlepool Borough Council follows a tip-off that resulted in Kevin Woodhall, 40, of Cameron Road, Hartlepool, being fined £100 with £200 costs and a £15 victim surcharge by the town’s magistrates after he pleaded guilty to fly-tipping.

When interviewed by council officers, Woodhall admitted being responsible for a pile of timber and rubble dumped in the backstreet behind Cameron Road.

Alison Carberry, a senior environmental enforcement officer with the council, said: “We are determined to keep up the pressure on people who think it is acceptable to dump rubbish and we will use a variety of methods to clampdown on their illegal activities.

“Encouraging people to report incidents and to pass on any information that they might have is one such method, and we are delighted that on this occasion it has led to a successful prosecution.

“We would urge people right across the town to contact the council on (01429) 523333 if they see rubbish being dumped or perhaps a vehicle or a person acting suspiciously. Any information they give us will be treated in absolute confidence.

“Fly-tipped rubbish is a blight on the local environment and the cost of cleaning it up is a drain on already-stretched council resources.”

Other methods used by the council to clampdown on fly-tipping include the use of tiny covert cameras which are even capable of recording images at night.

Mrs Carberry added: “The question I would pose to would-be fly-tippers is this – can you ever be sure that you are not being watched?”