CALLUM’S DREAM: Bringing light to little boy’s life

Zoe Neesam (left) with Clair Foster
Zoe Neesam (left) with Clair Foster

A STUNNING room filled with colour is exactly the inspiration Zoe Neesam needs for her own dream.

Zoe, the 21-year-old mum of Callum Smith, is hoping Mail readers will help raise the £5,000 needed to set up a sensory room for her son.

(left to right) Clair and Talia Foster with Zoe Neesam

(left to right) Clair and Talia Foster with Zoe Neesam

And she already has a perfect example of what her room could look like.

Zoe paid a visit to the home of Clair Foster whose daughter Talia’s world has been lit up by her new specialist sensory bedroom.

For the last few years, the Mail has followed the story of Talia who used to suffer hundreds of seizures every single day.

Now, she has not had a seizure in months, is more alert and more responsive.

Some of that is down to the sensory room in which Talia can enjoy a fan light with changing colours, a starlight projector which fills the walls with bursts of colour, and a television which “always seems to have CBeebies on” said Clair.

Now we’re hoping our readers can help Callum to enjoy a similar dream. We want to raise £5,000 for Zoe to realise the dream for Callum.

Zoe said: “Talia’s room is so amazing. It looks gorgeous.”

Clair said: “I think the appeal is lovely. The sensory room for Talia has made a difference.”

Talia, now four years old, still suffers from conditions including two brain cysts, a sensory processing disorder, reflux, global development delay, and a chronic lung condition.

She also has a respiratory condition, dystonia, fluctuating muscle tone and epilepsy.

But her condition has improved dramatically and she will start at Springwell School in September.

Ironically, the two devoted mums live within a few hundred yards of each other in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool.

Now, Zoe has been given lots of information which could help her in the quest to get her own sensory room.

Let’s make her dream come true sooner rather than later.

We have launched a fundraising appeal called Callum’s Dream in association with Epilepsy Outlook in a bid to get Callum the sensory room he needs.

All his proud parents Luke Smith, 23, and Zoe Neesam, 21, want for him is “a room where he can smile”.

The campaign is in its early days and we want to hear from hundreds of people willing to support the cause. You could either just take donations to Epilepsy Outlook or to the Lloyds TSB branch in York Road.

Or you could get in touch with the Hartlepool Mail as well and we will publicise your fundraising event.

Together, we want to make sure Callum gets this special gift from the people of Hartlepool.

Let’s make his dream come true.

l YOU can give donations to the Epilepsy Outlook charity shops at 199 York Road, and 104 Oxford Road, both in Hartlepool.

Or they can pay it straight into the Lloyds TSB branch in York Road.

The bank details are:

Account Name – Epilepsy Outlook Project.

Sort Code – 30-99-47.

Account number – 24594260.

l WE want people to raise money for baby Callum – but we also want to give you the publicity you deserve for your fundraising efforts.

So if you decide to donate to this great cause, give us a call and we’ll highlight what lengths you went to to raise cash for Callum’s plight.

Get in touch with Mail head of features Chris Cordner on (01429) 239377, or send him an email to