Callum’s dream comes true thanks to Hartlepool Mail readers

ALL SMILES: Callum's appeal has been a success
ALL SMILES: Callum's appeal has been a success
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CALLUM’S Dream has come true.

And as Callum Smith played for the first time in his new £5,000 sensory room, his proud mum Zoe Neesam said: “Thank you for making my little boy smile.”

He is pictured looking in awe at the bright lights which now fill his world at the family’s Laird Road home in Hartlepool.

And it’s all down to the supporters of the Callum’s Dream appeal - run by the Hartlepool Mail in association with Epilepsy Outlook - that it all came true in time for Christmas.

It’s been an astonishing journey with an incredible ending.

Just three weeks ago, Callum was so unwell, his family feared he would not be home at all for Christmas Day.

The little boy - who suffers from conditions including epilepsy, reflux problems, dystonia, hypertonia, and problems with swallowing - suffered a health scare in early December.

He needed a blood transfusion when his platelet count dropped to 11 when the norm is above 50.

He spent six of the last nine months in hospital including one stay of more than five weeks at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

“The nurses told us he would be in for Christmas,” said Zoe, 21. “We couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit at all. We didn’t buy cards or anything.”

Yet in an incredible turnaround, Callum battled back to health and came home just days ago.

A race again time then began to get the sensory room finished.

Zoe said: “The electrician came out as soon as we said we were ready. The blinds man came out and put blinds up.

“Everyone who came out showed the festive spirit. Every one of them made this come true when they could have been sitting at home with their feet up.”

Callum’s new-look room features highlights such as Twinkle Corner - an area with cascading fibre optic lights and an illuminated curtain.

His television is there - waiting for him to enjoy his beloved Cars DVDs.

It is all part of a Christmas miracle as far as Callum’s parents Zoe and Luke Smith, 23 are concerned.

Zoe added: “We want to say thank you to the Hartlepool Mail and its readers, to Epilepsy Outlook, and to every single person who donated each penny.”

Callum was showered with presents galore at Christmas.

He got a 21-inch giant portable DVD player because he “loves his films,” said Zoe.

He also got interactive toys based on the characters from the film Despicable Me.

And he got a television, DVDs galore, and Toy Story tubie pads (little images which go over Callum’s feeding tubes.”

But there was one ultimate gift for Zoe.

“The best Christmas present I got was seeing Callum smile. It is a smile that would light up anyone’s day,” said Zoe.

“There is nothing better for me than to see him healthy and well.

“Having him home for Christmas was everything.

“Thank you.”