Can it get mush bigger than this?


THERE won’t be mush-room in the fridge for this huge discovery.

The giant mushroom was found in a field on the outskirts of Hartlepool, early yesterday morning.

And in terms of size, it might take some beating.

Weighing in at nearly 5½lb, the monster mushroom is the size of an average turkey.

The owners have no intentions of selling it – they want to leave it on display in Hartlepool’s indoor market.

But even if it was for sale, the pockets of punters would have to be emptied.

The mushroom weighs in at a princely £8.18, significantly more than the couple of pounds people would normally pay for a full punnet.

So is it the biggest in Hartlepool?

“It’s certainly the biggest I’ve ever seen,” said the proud finder of the impressive vegetable, who did not want to be named. We always get one big one on our patch every year. But I don’t think I have ever had one like this, it’s definitely bigger than last year’s.”

People can get a first-hand look at the mushroom, towering over its tiny counterparts, at Roy Blyth butchers, in the indoor market.

Staff there only put it on display early yesterday. But it had still attracted quite a few admiring glances by mid-morning.

“We have had a lot of people commenting on it,” added the finder.

“A lot of them said it is the biggest mushroom they have ever seen. We have no intentions of selling it, we are just going to leave it on display. It’s good fun isn’t it? Hopefully we will get an even bigger one next year.”

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