Can you help with recycling?

CARRYING THE CAN: Alison Paterson from Blackhall community centre
CARRYING THE CAN: Alison Paterson from Blackhall community centre

A COMMUNITY centre is looking for suggestions of what to do with hundreds of cans which it cannot afford to recycle.

Blackhall Community Centre has around 200 cans which staff have no idea what to do with.

Centre bosses say they have to pay £400 a year to have extra cans and bottles left over from functions removed by Durham County Council.

Manager Alison Paterson said as the Hesleden Road-based facility simply cannot afford this, the cans and bottles are binned as part of general waste.

But she said: “This adds to our regular collection occasionally being overloaded. But the council won’t take extra bags so we have to pay £75 for the extra load as and when required, maybe four times a year.”

Now the centre is asking for people to come forward with ideas of how they can dispose of the cans.

Mrs Paterson said it would not be worth the centre’s while to drive to a recycling facility to weigh them, in as she found out cans are only worth 50p per kilo.

Now she is asking if any other groups would like to take them off her hands.

Mrs Paterson said: “I would like someone to come and make a suggestion about how we can move these cans.

“Maybe an artist could make something of them, or somebody could take them away.

“We’ve approached the local council for further help but there’s none available so now we are trying something else.”

Keith Parkinson, Streetscene manager at Durham County Council, said: “Durham County Council supports charitable organisations, including community centres, by providing a free refuse collection service for up to one normal sized wheelie bin and recycling containers.

“If a charity produces more waste than this it should make other arrangements and can engage a private company or if requested, the council will remove additional waste for a charge.

“Blackhall Community Centre have requested a weekly collection using a bulk refuse container and also request additional bagged waste to be removed following certain functions.

“The council provides a reasonable level of support to charities and centres such as this but it’s not appropriate for council tax payers to have to fund the removal of larger amounts and unfortunately this needs to be addressed by the centre itself.”

Anyone with suggestions can call (0191) 5867396