Can you solve coin mystery?

Julie Corser and Kevin Turton with the 50p coin
Julie Corser and Kevin Turton with the 50p coin

ROMANTIC shop staff are desperate to discover the story behind a mysterious marriage proposal engraved on a coin which turned up in the tills.

Julie Corser, manager of Mariners fish and chip shop in Hartlepool, came across the unusual 50p coin when she was cashing up.

On closer inspection she discovered it had been stamped in the middle with the word “love” surrounded by “will you marry me, please?”

Staff at the restaurant, in the town’s Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, are now curious to learn if the coin led to a happy ending.

Julie, 46, said: “I was cashing up a couple of weeks ago and found it.

“We have all been talking about it for a couple of weeks and would really like to know if whoever it was meant for said ‘yes’ or what the story is behind it.

“We’re all girls who work here, apart from Kevin the owner, and would love to know if it worked out right.”

Julie, who lives in the town’s Sheriff Street, said she has never seen anything like it before and added: “It’s not something that has been done lightly.”

Staff at the chippy have been asking themselves if the original owner may have lost the coin.

Julie added: “If the woman had said ‘yes’ you would think it would have been a treasured item and they would have kept it.

“We haven’t seen anything else like this before, that’s why it caught my eye straight away.”

l CAN you help solve the mystery of the unusual coin?

Do you know who the coin belonged to and if it led to a happy marriage?

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