Carbon monoxide safety warning

GAS experts are reminding householders across Hartlepool and east Durham to get their appliances checked by professionals to prevent a “silent killer”.

Northern Gas Networks has three times as much gas flowing through its pipes during the winter months than in the summer, and now is the time when most suspected carbon monoxide problems occur.

The firm is urging homeowners to get their gas appliances checked now by qualified engineers, and for residents to make sure their landlord can provide valid gas certificates.

Martin Alderson, network director for the company, said: “If you have any doubts about your appliance, stop using it immediately and open your windows.

“Call the National Gas Emergency Service and an engineer will come round straight away to make the situation safe.

“Don’t wait for an emergency, get your appliances serviced now.”

A tell-tale sign that your gas appliance is not working properly is a yellow flame, it should be blue. The only exception is with decorative gas fires which are designed to have yellow flames.

The National Gas Emergency Service can be contacted on 0800 111 999.