Care home boss accused of taping Hartlepool resident to chair cleared of all charges

The Briar Court care home Hutton Avenue
The Briar Court care home Hutton Avenue

A CARE home boss accused of taping a vulnerable resident to an office chair has been cleared of all charges against her.

Alison Standing, deputy manager and later acting manager of the Briar Court Nursing Home in Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool, was said to have restrained the man when she was in the mood for “horseplay”.

But it emerged during the hearing that the man, known as ‘Resident A’, had a history of making up allegations against staff.

Mrs Standing had been accused of allowing her teenage daughters into the home and into his bedroom unsupervised, and allowing them to take him out of the home by themselves.

He also said he heard her make an inappropriate remark to a colleague, saying “I would love to take you into the toilets now”, while he was in earshot.

The allegations were said to have taken place at the home, which is a facility for adults with learning disabilities, between 2007 and 2012.

Resident A made the claims against Mrs Standing during an investigation that began after she had referred some of her colleagues to the NMC for alleged misconduct.

The charges concerning Mrs Standing’s daughters and the alleged invitation to the toilet were earlier dropped due to lack of evidence.

Mrs Standing admitted that her daughters had visited the home, and also that Resident A had visited her own home on a couple of occasions.

But the panel heard evidence that staff members’ relatives often visited the home, and that he had only visited her home as part of a group with other members of staff present.

The panel decided that this was not ‘inappropriate’ as alleged in the charges.

The panel also found the charge of taping the resident to a chair was not proved.

Panel secretary Joy Julie said: “The panel accepts that you did not engage in horseplay in the home, and that you would pull staff up and reprimand them for this behaviour.”

Mrs Standing, who was present and represented, smiled and thanked the panel when she heard their decision.