Carers honoured for dedication

Amber(right) and Abby Hornsey pictured with mum Trish.
Amber(right) and Abby Hornsey pictured with mum Trish.

TWO loving teenagers who dedicate their lives to caring for their mum who suffers with a degenerative condition have been rewarded for their love and devotion.

While the friends of Amber and Abby Hornsey are out socialising, the caring pair spend hours at home every day completing chores and caring for their mum.

Trish Gorton, 34, had her life turned upside down eight years ago when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

But despite the frustration of the condition, Trish says her life is made a lot easier thanks to the love and care of her two daughters.

That love and care resulted in Amber, 16, and Abby, 14, both being handed an award by the High Sheriff of County Durham at the prestigious Shrievalty Awards yesterday.

The sisters, who are both students at Manor College of Technology, in Hartlepool, have dedicated their lives to looking after their mum since the shock diagnosis in 2004. Every day after getting in from school they wash and dry clothes, do the washing up and make tea for their younger brother Stephen Hornsey, six, a pupil at Kingsley Primary School.

They also clean the house and help their mum to shower before they start their homework, which is particularly important to Amber who is just months away from sitting her GCSEs.

But despite the admirable work of the sisters, the modest pair get on with it and say their main focus is their mum’s health.

“It’s just part of our life and we are used to it,” said Amber.

“We just want to give our mum as much help as possible and we still manage to get out and socialise with our friends.”

Amber and Abby are members of Hartlepool Young Carers and meet with fellow carers once a week. The charity gives the youngsters the chance to enjoy trips, activities and forget about any troubles at home.

Steve Plant, a family support worker for Hartlepool Young Carers, nominated the pair to receive a Shrievalty Award and took them along to the ceremony at Durham Castle.

They joined inspirational youngsters from across the region whose dedication and bravery was honoured.

Mum Trish, who lives with fiance Stephen Hornsey, 39, a delivery driver, and their children in Browning Avenue, Hartlepool, said she is extremely proud of the girls.

Trish, who is unable to leave the house on her own and is visited by a carer every day while her children are at school, said: “Amber and Abby make things a lot easier for me, they know how grateful I am. They have been absolutely fantastic since I was diagnosed.”

Roger Howell, the 287th High Sheriff of County Durham, said: “The Shrievalty Awards recognise a very special group of young people who have set a fine example to us all.

“They have made a significant contribution to the community and the award ceremony recognises their special achievements.”

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