Caring fundraiser has hair cut to boost cancer charity

Grace with her new shorter style.
Grace with her new shorter style.

It took Grace Waller years to grow her long golden locks and was gone in a matter of seconds.

But the caring seven-year-old has so far raised more than £500 for a charity that supports children going through cancer after coming up with the idea of a sponsored haircut.

Grace with her cut hair

Grace with her cut hair

A total of 15-inches was cut from Grace’s head after a trip to TG’s in Tower Street, Hartlepool.

Her braids were quickly packed off to the Little Princess Trust to be turned into real hair wigs for boys and girls battling cancer.

Grace’s mum Nicci Lee, 37, said: “Grace has grown her hair since she was a baby.

“She has never had her hair cut short, she has only ever had an inch cut off prior to this.

“It was all over quite quickly, she had it out in a platt and cut straight across.

“She had long hair and within a matter of seconds it was in my hand.”

But Grace could not wait to get in the chair and is loving her new grown-up look after growing out of her former Disney princess Rapunzel style locks.

Nicci, who works as a student accommodation manager, added: “She is absolutely over the moon. She was so excited to be having it done and just wanted it doing as soon as she walked in.”

Grace, who attends St Cuthbert’s Primary School, has raised an amazing £300 online through her Go Fund Me page and a further £250 in paper sponsor form donations.

She helped to spread word about her charity efforts far and wide after contacting her uncle David Jackson who works in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia who in turn shared the event among friends and colleagues to help donations pile up.

All the money will go to the Little Princess Trust to help it even further.

Nicci, who is also mum to Emmie Waller, two, with partner Steven Waller, 42, added: “Money is still coming in. I am going to keep the page open until the end of the month.”

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair as a result of treatment for cancer.

It also helps children with other conditions which results in upsetting hair loss such as alopecia.

All of the wigs are tailored to each individual child’s needs to give the most realistic look and feel as close as possible to their original hair.

If you would like to sponsor Grace, go to