Caring schoolboy’s haircut will benefit charity

Kevin Hart is having his hair chopped for charity.
Kevin Hart is having his hair chopped for charity.

A SCHOOLBOY has grown the back of his hair for six years and it now is 32cm in length.

But caring 10-year-old Kevin Hart now wants to have the long section of his hair chopped off to raise money for charity.

The youngster is due to leave Deaf Hill Primary School, in Trimdon Station, this summer, before starting at Sedgefield Community College in September.

But the dress code for his new school is much more strict, and boys are expected to have short hair.

So instead of just having it cut off, Kevin decided to have it cut for a charity called The Little Princess Trust.

The organisation is a national charity which makes wigs for children who are suffering from diseases such as leukaemia and other life-threatening illnesses, which causes them to lose their hair.

So he has taken it upon himself to collect sponsors ahead of the big chop.

Kevin’s mum Jane Hart, 32, dad David Hart, 50, and siblings Bethany, 12, Robert, nine, and Jean, six, are all mega-proud.

Jane, who lives in Trimdon Station, said: “Kevin is leaving primary school to start secondary school in September and one of the policies at his new school is that boys can’t have their hair long.

“Kevin has always said that the only way he’d get his hair cut is if it was for some kind of charity.

“He did all the research and everything himself and decided that he wanted to donate his hair to make a wig for children who are suffering illnesses.”

The full-time mum added: “It’s taken him about six years to grow. He started growing it because some of the older lads in our village had their hair like that.

“He’d spotted it and said he wanted his hair like that.

“He’s always been funny about having it cut, so I just hope that when it’s done he likes it and doesn’t regret it.

“I’m so proud of him and I think he’s got a heart of gold – we all think that.

“His dad is really proud of him as well.”