Cash appeal for fountain

The Fountain in Ward Jackson Park
The Fountain in Ward Jackson Park

A RESIDENTS’ group is calling on the whole town to get behind its efforts to bring a popular park’s fountain back into use.

Hartlepool’s Park Residents’ Association is looking to raise thousands of pounds needed to restore the fountain in Ward Jackson Park.

The project has won the backing of Hartlepool Mayor Stuart Drummond through his role as portfolio holder for regeneration and neighbourhoods.

Ted Jackson, chairman of the residents’ group, said he hopes all sections of the town will support the project.

The Grade II listed fountain was installed in the park in 1902, but has been out of order for several years.

Hartlepool Borough Council is not in a position to pay for the work so the association hopes to raise the cash.

Mr Jackson said: “This is a town facility and given the current economic climate it clearly needs a town solution.

“It was always such an important element of the park and at the moment it is totally unused.

“We hope all parts of the town, businesses, individuals and even councillors, will help. Everybody can contribute to it.

“I remember it as a child many years ago and would like to see it again.”

Over the years, the fountain’s underground pumping system has been replaced costing around £25,000.

The site has flooded again and the sump pump has stopped working.

Mayor Drummond told Mr Jackson: “I wholeheartedly support it. I’m sure you will be successful in raising the funding and when you do, I think it is the council’s duty to support the running costs.”

Two proposals have been put forward for the restoration.

One, costing £20,000, would replace the equipment in the sump to restore the fountain to its original working order.

But it would leave the system susceptible to flooding as the pump would be under ground.

The second, costing £60,000, is to isolate the system from the pond, remove the existing pumps and control equipment and install a new system on site.

to provide functioning water.