Cash donation will help Ethan

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A BUILDING society has given a cash boost to help a young boy with autism to learn to communicate.

The Hartlepool branch of the Darlington Building Society has given a £250 donation to help Ethan Mean improve his communication skills.

His mum Wendy, a customer at the town’s York Road branch in Hartlepool, mentioned in conversation with staff that she had recently looked into an alternate form of communication for non-verbal children and adults with autism and gross motor challenges.

This opportunity gives adults and children a chance to express themselves and demonstrate their intelligence.

Her son has autism and is also classed as non-verbal, he is home schooled and along with his team she works with him on a one-to-one basis.

Recently he was introduced to Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) with astonishing results. The team was delighted with his progress during the initial stages of the Rapid Prompting Method and now Wendy is planning to attend further training in Texas next year.

Wendy said: “It means we can now buy equipment to embark on the Rapid Prompting Method, which is designed to help children with severe autism to communicate and also is used to teach cognitive and academic learning.”