Cat killers warned

THE RSPCA and police have warned anyone found deliberately poisoning animals that they will be prosecuted.

The Mail has featured a number of articles in the past few weeks with distraught cat owners who have had to have their beloved pets put down.

A number of pet cats in the Oxford Road area of Hartlepool have been taking fits and suffering with kidney failure, believed to have been caused after they were deliberately poisoned with anti-freeze.

Last week, another devastated pet-lover told the Mail she has had three of her cats put down in the last two years after they were poisoned.

Another of her cats was poisoned, but luckily managed to pull through.

Natalie Grey, 19, who lives in Tristram Avenue, Hartlepool, said the attacks have to be stopped.

Natalie, who is unemployed and lives with her mum, Jan, 49, dad, Mick, 50 and twin-sister Rachel, said: “We need to find the people who are doing this.

“I don’t think they realise just how much it hurts pet-lovers to see their animals suffer like that.

“It seems to be non-stop for me.

“In 2009 my cat Tipsy was poisoned and had to be put down then later in the year the same thing happened to another of my cats, George.

“Then in January this year my five year old cat Topsy stopped eating and was suffering.

“We took her to the vets and they confirmed the same thing had happened.”

Natalie added: “I understand that some people don’t like cats but this isn’t the answer.

“I have warned other pet owners in my street to keep an eye out but what can we do? We can’t stop our cats going out.”

Leanne Plumtree, of RSPCA North, said: “Every year the RSPCA is made aware of tragic incidents where cats are sadly believed to have died from ingesting antifreeze and we are deeply concerned by this.

“Many of us are not aware of just how toxic antifreeze is so it’s really important that we all take care when using, storing and disposing of it.

“It could save an animal from an incredibly painful death.

“Where there is evidence that a person is deliberately poisoning animals using antifreeze the RSPCA would look to prosecute.”

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “This type of act is extremely cruel.

“We work closely with the RSPCA, and should evidence come to light that this is happening in Hartlepool we will support the charity with any prosecution they seek.”