Cattle on the moove

POLICE spent two hours rounding up nine cows and a bull after the animals went walkabout on two plush housing estates.

The bizarre chain of events, on Hartlepool’s Bishop Cuthbert and Kielder Rise estates, happened after the herd escaped from a nearby farm.

The animals caused disruption and officers feared they may have been a hazard to traffic and children who were playing at the time.

But in the end, no major harm was caused, but a few flowerbeds and lawns were trampled in the unusual incident.

A few farmers joined the police in rounding up the cattle, but police chiefs admit it took a while to bring them under control.

The bull was said to have been in Kingfisher Close, in Bishop Cuthbert, while the other animals were spotted in Falcon Road, Merlin Way, Throston Grange Lane and Elwick Road.

Others had made their way to Kielder Road and Selset Close in Elwick Rise, near High Tunstall College of Science.

Inspector Ian White, of Cleveland Police, said: “They were all over and wandered off into various different closes and streets. The majority were at Bishop Cuthbert, but one was on its own in Elwick Rise.

“They were going in and out of people’s gardens and trampling flowerbeds.”

The incident happened around 7.30pm yesterday.