CCTV to tackle boozing yobs

REVELLERS and under-age drinkers could be caught on camera as a councillor ups the ante in cutting out anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Dennis Maddison, who represents Horden on Durham County Council, has been working hard in the area to tackle bad behaviour and drinking on the streets.

Coun Maddison, 59, has been working closely with police and neighbourhood wardens and has recently been patrolling the streets on evenings.

Now he is warning revellers that their bad behaviour will be recorded after bringing in a county council operated CCTV vehicle to help with the operation.

The vehicle is fully equipped to record any incidents and will help to provide evidence of any offences.

Wardens will then visit the homes of any youngsters found drinking on the streets to explain the situation to their parents.

Coun Maddison joined neighbourhood wardens last Friday night in the vehicle in Horden and Peterlee and hailed the campaign as a huge success.

He said dozens of bottles and cans of alcohol were confiscated from youngsters who were drinking on the streets.

“We are stepping up our efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour and underage drinking in Horden and Peterlee and this is a fantastic tool to help us with that,” said Coun Maddison, who lives in Horden.

“It allows the neighbourhood wardens to pro-actively reduce anti-social behaviour by providing a high visibility presence on the street to deter this type of unacceptable behaviour.

“Any incidents witnessed will be recorded and followed up by the appropriate agency.”

Coun Maddison added: “This is something I feel very strongly about.

“It isn’t just the residents in the area who I am thinking of but the youngsters as well. Their safety is the main aspect of all of this.”