Changes to voting

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PEOPLE in three parts of town are set to be given a change of venue to cast their votes as part of a review of polling stations.

Hartlepool Borough Council has been looking at all of the town’s polling stations and wards and officers are recommending several changes.

The review has highlighted that the hall at St Cuthbert’s Church in the Foggy Furze ward is no longer available.

But the council has approached the nearby St Cuthbert’s Primary School and the head has said it is happy to serve as a polling station on voting day.

In Jesmond ward, a polling station that has been used for many years at Lime Crescent Flats is no longer available.

Instead, the council is recommending people use the kitchen and conservatory at Chatham Road SureStart Centre.

And a polling district in the Fens and Rossmere Ward is set to be redrawn after voters in the Truro Drive area raised concerns about how far they have to travel since the last Electoral Review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

It will see more residents casting their votes at Fens Primary School in Mowbray Road instead of at St Teresa’s Church Hall, Braemar Road.

A report by the council’s chief solicitor Peter Devlin said: “The aim of the review is to ensure that all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable.

“As part of the review, the unavailability of some polling stations has been identified and alternative venues investigated.

“In addition, comments received from elected members, polling station staff and the electorate were considered, taking into account issues such as accessibility and car parking facilities.”

The council’s finance and policy committee will consider the changes on Friday.