Charitable Amy’s new look

Amy Cram.
Amy Cram.

AN “inspirational” schoolgirl is loving her new look after having 20-inches of her waist-length hair chopped off for charity.

Hartlepool girl Amy Cram decided to go for the chop to raise funds Breast Cancer Care after discovering that a teacher at her school – High Tunstall College of Science – is undergoing treatment for the disease.

And the 15-year-old’s big moment came on Saturday afternoon as she sat in the hot seat at the Sizzor Happy hairdressers, in Milton Road, Hartlepool, where salon boss Leanne Marriott snipped Amy’s Rapunzel-like locks.Big-hearted Amy now sports a funky new ‘bob’ hair cut, which she says she really likes but is taking some getting used to because her hair was so long previously.

And she said the teacher for whom she took the cut for, Zoe Langlands, has emailed Amy telling her that she is “very brave and kind”.

Amy – who has already raked in £750 for the act – said: “I was really nervous sat waiting for it to happen, and people in the salon where asking me what I was doing and I told them and they were happily surprised.

“She pulled my hair away in the bobble and I was just like ‘oh God that’s my hair’ but I was quite relieved that it was over!

“Its really weird having short hair now, I keep trying to grab it and pull it round to the front, and also when I put my coat on I try to pull it out from the back but its not there. I’ve got used to the look of it but not used to the way it feels when I brush it or turn my head.

“It takes a lot shorter time to wash, dry, and brush on a morning, and I get ready a lot quicker because I don’t have to mess about styling it or tying it up which I can’t do now.

“I’m also still using way too much shampoo and conditioner!”

She added: “All my friends love it, they think I look better with short hair rather than long hair, and I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Amy’s mum, Gill Cram, who works as a teaching assistant at the town’s Springwell School, described her daughter as “inspirational” and said she was brimming with pride at what she had done.

Mum-of-two Gill, of Carlton Street, Hartlepool, said: “We were both very nervous when we were waiting in the hairdressers together and we were sat there holding each others hands.

“I asked her if I could have one last brush of her hair because she’d never ever let me because her hair was her pride and joy.

“When she sat in the chair to get it done she had her back to me, and the hairdresser put it in a pony-tail first of all and then when I watched the scissors go through her hair I did shed a few tears.

“They weren’t tears of sadness, I was proud of what Amy was doing.

“I was overwhelmed with pride, it’s brilliant what she’s done.”

Amy, of The Oval, in West Park, is going to sell her chopped hair to wig-making firm and the money she receives from the company will go into her fundraising kitty for Breast Cancer Care as well.

Anyone who would like to donate to Amy’s fundraiser can do so by logging onto