Cheering on Hartlepool from New York: The Americans who fell in love with Pools

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A GROUP of football fans are spreading the word across the pond after setting up an American branch of a Pools supporters club.

Patrick Finley, an attorney in New York City, has been an avid fan of football from a young age and he and his friends have become hooked an all things Pools after deciding to set-up USA Pools back in November.

Since then, membership of the group has grown to 10 people and they gather at a bar for every game to follow coverage of Pools in their battle for League Two survival.

“I grew up playing soccer here in New York and have been following the Premier League for over a decade now,” said Patrick.

“In the last few months I became interested in learning more about the English game beyond the Premier League. This caused me to turn towards League One and League Two and some of England’s historic clubs.

“Hartlepool’s crest initially caught my eye with the words “the town’s club” underneath the ship’s wheel and I began to do some research on the Club. This research lead me to the grounds. I absolutely love the look of The Vic.

“From there I started to look into the supporters. I quickly fell in love with the passion of the supporters and had to share it with my friends and family here.”

The first meeting of USA Pools saw around five members gather to follow the game against Wycombe Wanderers on November 29 as they tried to stay up to date on their mobile phones.

He added: “When we initially started there were about five of us so we’ve doubled in just the last few weeks.”.

The group have their own Twitter account @USAPools.